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      尼薩福體系Research development system



      Perfect production process not only advanced production equipment and perfect inspection means.incompar.wepay much attention to the dey effcet sf human in the process.the full involvement oftechnologicai experts and specialists in thewhole process enables our ptoducts with exellent qualiy and potential value during the manufacture and endowsy brand with mor solid connotation.


      Research development system




      Neasurf te has been taking scientific and technological innovation as a core competition torce of an entirpr ise;scientitic and technological innovation and markeing has constituted wheel drive of yarea ate development.

      Research devellopmentis themost importantlink,We have been in the pursuit inproduct qualiy and survice andwill off the bist fuel gas appliance series products to date and the finest services to entirprises and indivieduals, through cooperation and exchange with various large companies and national science and research institutes, we have obtained The finest rate support in technology and epuipment in the industry to make Neasurf at the forefront of market and tehnology, the company owns a group of elite in developmith and production of fuel gas appliances, the widely cooperation with universities and research institutes has upgraded our technical level and research and developing level.


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